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Opportunity - Mastery - Expansion

      What you can expect

            from this event.

Do you feel overwhelmed in your business?  Do you feel
stuck, as if something in your business is not working for
you?  Do you want to increase the amount of clients coming
to your business?  Why does it seem easy for others in my
field to make sales?  Do I really have to be a "Jack of all
trades, but master of none?  Where do I build a team if I'm
only one person in my business?  If I already have a good,
business how do I expand and grow?  Do I really want a
repeat of 2017 in 2018?  Can grit in business, really help
me achieve financial freedom, more success, and the
lifestyle I want?  The answers to these questions are the
focus of this event.
Learn real world skills and knowledge in:
1) Getting Known.  "Becoming and Authority in your space" with a talk on branding by Cherie Aimee.
2) Building a Non-Stop Production Machine.  "Driving yourself and team to incredible performance" by Justin Myers.
3) Overcoming Obstacles.  "How to beat the odds", by Brandon Farbstein.
4) Visual Branding.  "How to build a raving community with incredible visual images, graphics, and video" by Ron Suzuki.
5) Building a Celebrity Brand.  How to become a celebrity in your industry by Chef Jacoby Ponder
This is a business success conference for Veterans, Active Duty Militatry, Military Families, and Non-Military Executives.
Learn about these sought after speakers and presenters:
Justin Myers: "Successful Veteran Entrepreneur, VLOG host of "Freedom Fridays" on "Home of the Hustle", Keynote Speaker for this event"
Cherie Amiee: "Near Death Survivor, Author, Consultant, Branding Expert, and sought after international speaker"
Brandon Farbstein: "Motivational Speaker, Tedx Talks Speaker"
Ron Suzuki:  "Successful Veteran Entrepreneur, Photographer, Business Consultant"
And many more Military Veteran and Military Spouse presenters, including:
Tracie Stern:  (Host) "Local Celebrity, Model, Business Owner, Military Spouse"
Chef Jacoby Ponder: "Celebrity Chef, Business Owner, Successful Veteran Entrepreneur"
Dinner and Entertainment will be included for all guests.  Prizes, bonuses and surprise guest speakers are also included!
Instead of just hype, learn about real strategies to get your business and career to grow, expand, and push through the noise.  Develop useful strategies to develop you own "tribe" of fans and supporters for your business.  Find ways to connect with other Veterans to "raise the tide" of America's newest business leaders and unite our productive Veteran community.
For non-military executives learn about the real "Grit" that Veterans use to convert energy into income.  Some of our speakers and presenters have seen real combat and endured tough lessons from war.  Our experiences can't be bought, but we can convey knowledge and skill from our "Grit".
Network with great companies in and outside of the Veteran Community at this event.  Your best new customer, future star employee, or next big partner could be at this event!
For entrepreneurs and business owners, this event qualifies a tax write-off (consult with your tax professional, of course) including your travel and hotel.

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